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October 9th | 10:02am

Join us at Mercy Hill for our next baptism service! We couldn't be more excited for more people to outwardly express their inward change of putting their faith in Jesus!

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Membership Class

October 23rd | 6:00-8:00pm

We don't see church membership as just another box to check off your list. At Mercy Hill, it's committing to a family of believers. This one-session class will walk you through the details of how we think about church membership. And of course, by the end, we hope you decide to become a member at Mercy Hill. We have a very short book for you to read before you take the class, so be sure to sign up and pick up the book before you come!

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Connection Groups

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday Nights

Connection Groups are a huge part of the DNA of our church. We think it's important to gather in smaller groups to discuss God's word together and spend time growing closer to one another. Connection Groups mostly meet through the school year. Let us know if you want to hop into a Connection Group by filling out the form below!

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Gospel 101

October 16th - November 20th | 11:30am-12:30pm

This class will provide life-changing biblical truths so participants can speak gospel truth into everyday conversations with people they come in contact with. Gospel 101 will be guided with a book by the same name by Jeff Dodge, a pastor in our church network. We hope each person who comes along with us in this class will feel equipped to put their faith into action, grow in biblical knowledge, and make the gospel easy to share with others effectively and without cold formulas. The $20 cost of this class covers your own copy of the Gospel 101 book as well as lunch for each of the sessions.

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