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Daylight Saving Donuts & PJs

March 10 | 10:02a

Our clocks are springing forward on March 10th! We thought it'd be a nice treat for donuts to be waiting for you *and* for our kids to stay in their PJs for the day!

Kennedy Heights Work Days

March 9th 9am-1pm | March 16th 9am-1pm | March 17th 1pm-5pm

Who else is psyched that we're getting into our new building soon??? We're definitely gonna need your help as we try to do everything we can to prepare our new space quickly and make a great first impression to anyone who might walk through our doors in the near future. Tasks will include, but are not limited to, painting, surface cleaning, junk clearing, and stuff moving. Wear some work clothes, of course!

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Connection Groups


Connection Groups are a huge part of the DNA of our church. We think it's important to gather in smaller groups to discuss God's word together and spend time growing closer to one another. Connection Groups mostly meet through the school year. Let us know if you want to hop into a Connection Group by filling out the form below!

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