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Mercy Hill has teamed up with RightNow Media to give FREE access to their content!

RightNow Media is a rich resource for studying the word, working through topics in a group, or for your kids to learn more about Jesus. We’re ready to give out free access to the whole city of Cincinnati! Simply click the button below to create your totally free profile and starting using RightNow Media right away.

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So you've shared the Gospel with someone. They've either accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior (yay!) or they need some more time to consider the implications of all you've told them. What now? These guides are designed for both those scenarios. They walk through how to lead them through what we call a Foundations Study (for a new believer) and a Discovery Study (for someone who wants to learn more).

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If you are experiencing issues in mental health, you are not alone. Nearly 10% of American adults suffer from a depressive disorder every year (John Hopkins Medicine). Over 30% experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives (National Institute of Mental Health). And over half of people experience at least one traumatic event in their lives (National Center for PTSD). We would urge you to address these issues in your own life rather than letting them have power over you. Click the button below to see a few resources we've put together.



We know that there are many, many Cincinnati locals who are suffering from homelessness. This is not an issue we want to ignore. Although as a church we are currently not in a position to provide many services on our own, we have created this list of resources to reference, whether you are homeless yourself or you are trying to help someone experiencing homelessness.